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- Mar 22, 2018 -

The artificial lawn has the advantages of bright appearance, four seasons green, vivid, good drainage, long service life and low maintenance cost.

The quality requirements of the artificial lawn sports system mainly focus on three aspects: hardness, flatness and drainage slope.

Commonly used artificial grass base has three types: asphalt, cement, gravel base, what type is mainly used by the local climate environment, time and budget, basis asphalt is especially suitable for low temperature difference and the temperature in winter in the north of the climate environment, but also because of its expensive, for the warm and humid environment is not the most suitable type, the basis of gravel base because its construction is simple, low cost, rapid drainage, are common in the south, but because of its poor rigidity and stability, prone to base loose after long time use, resulting in uneven; Therefore, in most of the country, cement concrete soil foundation has become the economic utility, the cost-effective artificial grass foundation type. Based on the experience of the rich artificial grass system, the foundation of artificial grass cement concrete is introduced as follows:

1. The basic surface flatness requirements are high to ensure that the thickness of the artificial grass is uniform and the elasticity is uniform. The acceptance rate of flatness is over 95%.

5 meters vertical foot error 3MM, slope: transverse 8 ‰, vertical 5 ‰, half circle area 5 ‰, surface should be flat, smooth, ensure drainage.

2. The foundation should have certain strength and stability.

3. The surface is uniform and solid, there is no crack, and the seams are smooth and smooth. It is good to cut in about 6000mm by 6000mm.

4. The cushion compaction is solid, the density is greater than 95%, and after the medium roller compaction, there is no obvious wheel trace, loose soil loose, wave and so on.

5. The cement foundation must have a waterproof layer, and the waterproof layer should be used in the new PVC thick film. The interface should be greater than 300mm and the margin of the boundary is greater than 150mm.

6. The expansion joints should be considered and the width is 5 mm.

7. The basic maintenance period is 2-3 weeks.

Fold the classification

Don't fill sand

In the United States, most of the artificial turf used by artificial grass fiber material is high-grade nylon material, also have the use of multiple fiber, without artificial turf can also be divided into water seepage and filling sand don't ooze water two kinds. The lawn looks like a natural lawn, with a layer of cushioning foam that has a variety of different densities and thicknesses. Due to the domestic few grasp the manufacturer of artificial turf laying technology, and more for foreign technology, therefore, when laying sand filling no artificial lawn, especially shock absorption foam cushion layer must be done by foreign experts. Underneath the shock-absorbing foam is a smooth layer of asphalt, which is based on gravel, sand and pebbles, and the structure of the drainage system is the most critical link. In addition, this type of artificial lawn during the installation process must use special machine for artificial grass, especially in some professional or expensive sports venue is particularly important in the installation, otherwise will not be able to meet the requirements of grading and uniformity, such as hockey training venues for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing LuCheng hockey rink and part of the sports institute of technology in order to meet the special demand of portable artificial grass, block with artificial grass field must be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the construction.

Filler particles

The filling particle lawn is accepted by the majority of users in China because of its excellent sports performance and good practicability. Its material most use polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) the above two kinds of polymer materials, the lawn of the fiber is longer than not filling sand lawn, backfilling 2-3 mm below the surface of quartz sand and rubber granules. Its motion features are very close to the natural lawn and can be used throughout the year and around the clock. Usually the lawn is laid and needs to be maintained for 6-8 months before it reaches its optimal state. This type of lawn is especially suitable for outdoor use, usually for five to eight years, but it can last more than five years. In the long dry weather, a splash of water on the lawn reduces the risk of an athlete being bruised.

Mixed lawn

Fused natural turf and artificial turf is not dream, this kind of lawn grass is a natural, with plastic for grass root structure of the such as let the grass grow in the plastic on the bottom of the mesh. In this way, the friendly nature of the natural lawn is well combined with the super durability of the artificial turf.

Particles by filling in domestic artificial turfs (95%), but many schools choose products with often easy to overlook the most important link of the construction, construction technology of artificial grass for artificial grass in later maintenance and improve the service life is very important.

Technical preparation first, "leveling" and the first to be familiar with drawings, the basis of examination and acceptance of construction quality, paving ground should be clean, surface should be dry, smooth, without impurities, no wax stains, grease, minimum construction temperature above 10 ℃ shall be maintained. Use the theodolite or other instruments to measure whether the surrounding facilities are in accordance with the size of the sports ground. If there is an improper place, immediate modification should be made, allowing the error to be plus or minus 5mm.

Secondly, the artificial grass should be inspected with the artificial grass production unit to check the quality of the grass, the material quality, density and weaving process of the grass, to meet the requirements of use. A standard site should not be more than 30 joints, and check whether the quality of the filler meets environmental requirements. In the laying process, use special tools to cut the lawn in accordance with the specifications, to the seam, and the lawn cut together. Use the artificial grass to use the special glue to connect, the seam should not be greater than 2mm. When bonding temperature is too low, in the construction of more than 10 ℃ of ambient temperature should choose advisable; In addition, it is not suitable for construction in rain or mildew, otherwise it will lead to too long adhesion time and even not sticky.

Quartz sand filling, rubber particles is one of the most important link in construction process, only to be artificial turf surface material installation is complete, after check the smooth firm meets the requirements, shall be filled with quartz sand and rubber granules. The standard and quantity of filling are determined according to the height and density of the grass. It is important to note that the granule must be filled with a special injection machine and brush equipment to ensure the level and evenness of the site and improve the performance of the site. Moreover, quartz sand and rubber particles must be completely dry materials to be constructed, otherwise the grass stalks will be overwhelmed and affect the filling quality. The quartz sand should be filled with a layer of filling, and each layer should be covered with a brush to make the filling drop. It is usually better to play more than 20 times in one area.



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