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- Dec 27, 2018 -

Due to its good flatness, easy maintenance and freedom from the weather, artificial turf has been widely used in football stadiums since it was used in the World Cup soccer stadium in South Africa in 2010. Now let's briefly analyze it for everyone. Method of choosing.


Artificial turf is mainly used in the artificial turf of the football field. There are three kinds of artificial turf, which are net grass, monofilament grass and monofilament reinforced grass.

The simulation of the three grasses in the artificial turf is relatively high. The grass fiber of the mesh artificial turf is very thick, similar to the plastic tying rope that we used in the past. The cross section of the opening has a mesh similar to a fishing net. As the name suggests, it is called a mesh wire. Mesh artificial turf is more affordable than monofilament artificial turf.


Mesh artificial turf

Compared with the mesh artificial turf, the grass fiber of the monofilament artificial turf is relatively thin and dense, the bionic degree is higher, the structure is closer to the life of the natural turf, and the abrasion resistance is better than the mesh artificial turf, and the price is also Relatively expensive. With the continuous development of the economy and the rapid improvement of people's living standards, monofilament artificial turf has appeared more and more on the sports field, and its sports performance has been widely recognized.


Monofilament artificial turf

The monofilament reinforced artificial turf is a process added on the basis of the monofilament artificial turf. Each turf has a raised rib in the middle, so that the elasticity and wear resistance of the straw are greatly improved, and the actual use effect is more Ok, of course, the price will increase slightly.


Monofilament reinforced artificial turf

All the above three kinds of artificial turf must be filled with sand and rubber granules during the laying process. Customers need to pay special attention when purchasing, and purchase suitable soccer field artificial turfas needed. The football field lawn is the foundation of football, and its quality directly affects and determines the key factors of the game. All this is because the lawn directly restricts the speed of the athletes on the court and the safety of the sport, and also relates to the service life of the stadium.

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