Maintenance And Maintenance Of Artificial Turf And Precautions

- Mar 22, 2018 -

At present, China's artificial turf sports venues (such as football fields, tennis courts, etc.) in the major institutions and community stadium accounted for a larger proportion of proper and proper maintenance and maintenance will extend the life of the artificial lawn and aesthetic level.


Maintenance and maintenance of artificial turf and precautions:

       Compared with the traditional grassland maintenance methods, artificial turf maintenance and maintenance process to be simple, the venue is not as grass demand "rest", the following some of the notes can help you maintain and maintain the artificial turf:


First, the basic requirements

1 Keep the site clean

2 erect a "no smoking" logo around the grass

3 motor vehicles and heavy objects do not enter the sports ground

4 to reduce the number of cleaning, to avoid cleaning at high temperatures

5 Set up enough trash can

6 control the use of the site

7 small damage should be promptly repaired

Second, clean and conservation

1 after the game with a vacuum cleaner in time to clean paper, fruit shells and other debris.

2 every two weeks with a special brush to comb the grass once again, the lawn on the dirt and leaves and other debris removed.

3 Monthly or frequent races with a special rake after the formation of quartz sand or rubber particles once.

4 dust on the turf, when the rain will be washed clean, or rinse manually.

5 summer hot, you can use water to sprinkle the lawn to cool, so that the athletes cool and comfortable.

Third, the removal of stains

       Rain is the best cleaner for sporty lawns. Rainwater can gently clean off dust, pollen and scattered contaminants on grass fibers. Artificial turf is the most needed cleaning is the timely removal of the site in the use of garbage generated. After the game in a timely manner with a vacuum cleaner to clean paper, peanut shells, melon seeds, tape, etc. will be easier.

Fourth, check the repair

1, carefully check whether the loose place at the bottom of the whole turf is about damage, tear, burning and so on. Large repair should be promptly linked to the pavement company.

2 heavy rain scouring and cleaning will fill a small amount of filler. Need to fill the place to sprinkle some quartz sand, rubber particles, and completely swept into the turf.

5. Prohibited matters

1 ban on smoking, burning fireworks, welding;

2 to prohibit the venue to throw chewing gum, peel snacks, fruit juice drinks, oil and so on.

3 prohibits vehicles and motorcycles and other vehicles and heavy objects into the venue;

4 prohibit the use of spikes, javelins and other improper shoes or sports equipment;

5 Prohibit the use of chemical cleaners, herbicides.



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