Maintenance And Maintenance Of Artificial Turf

- Aug 29, 2017 -

First, the basic requirements of maintenance:

When the stadium artificial turf installed after the completion of at least two weeks for the stability of grass fiber. Although this time can hold sporting events, we recommend that all heavy equipment and unnecessary traffic vehicles do not enter the playground. And in this period of time, to sweep the number of times to a minimum, in particular, do not clean at high temperatures.

In addition, artificial turf, unlike natural grassland, often takes several weeks of use and weathering to achieve the best athletic performance. This time not only requires the grass fiber to be stable, but also the need for moderate filling of the particles to achieve a comfortable, ideal for long-term movement.

Second, clean and decontamination

Rain is the best cleaner for artificial grass. It can gently wash off the dust on the grass fiber, pollen and other pollutants scattered in the air. In any case, the artificial grassland needs to remove the garbage in a timely manner and reduce the following problems:

• Place enough rubbish bins to avoid spillage.

• Draw a dedicated parking lot to reduce the dirt and car on the playground.

• Emphasis on smoke-free environment. If possible, it is recommended to use chewing gum similar to cigarettes.

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