Monofilament Artificial Grass Yarns Of Various Thicknesses Have Entered The Market And Are Bought By Many People

- Oct 22, 2018 -

    With the needs of the market and the growth of society, buy artificial grass has made great progress in various aspects such as crafts, materials and construction. It has also produced some changes. All kinds of changes have only one goal. That is customer-oriented. As always, with the superiority of artificial grass, it also has some advantages of natural grass, so that athletes move closer to natural grass when exercising on artificial turf, and the following is the plasticity process for buy artificial grass growth. Basketball court. The textured yarn and the monofilament with a special soft hand have become the new generation of lawn yarn. In recent years, one-step two-color yarns, different cross-sections and various thicknesses of monofilament turf yarn have entered the market.

    The artificial turf has the following characteristics: it can meet the needs of 24 hours, all weather, high intensity sports, simple maintenance; anti-corrosion, sun protection, environmental protection, no harm to the human body; dense and secret water seepage holes, so that the water after the rain The degree is much smaller than the natural turf; the flatness and no bumps give the athletes a full and fair technology to play the space and safety. Each artificial grass fiber is subjected to tensile treatment and has high strength and toughness. The unique color of the grass belt, the traditional way of spraying, so that the various functional lines in the sports field can be integrated without fading; save water resources for sprinkler irrigation.

    In the sports safety performance of buy artificial grass, the improvement of surface coating and polymerization raw materials of a new generation of artificial grass fiber can effectively reduce the occurrence of sports injuries such as skin scratches and foot contusions. With the popularization of artificial grass in Europe and the United States, by the mid-1990s, China began to introduce artificial grass, which was quickly accepted and rapidly developed by various sports institutions, thus opening the prelude to the development of artificial grass industry in China. With the rapid promotion and use of sports artificial grasses in China, a large number of foreign artificial grass brands have entered the Chinese market in a big way. In this environment, domestically, through the strong foreign equipment and technical support, and the establishment of large-scale modern production bases. A national enterprise that integrates the production and sales of artificial turf.

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