Now I Know That The Artificial Turf Of The Football Field Is Divided Into These Three Models?

- Dec 24, 2018 -

    Artificial turf is very active in the football field due to its good flatness, easy maintenance and freedom from the weather. Many customers always have a lot of questions when purchasing artificial turf on the football field. The following is a brief analysis of the selection method .

    There are three main types of artificial turf for the football field, namely mesh grass, monofilament grass and monofilament reinforced grass. The simulation of the three grasses is relatively high. The grass fiber of the mesh artificial turf is very thick, similar to the plastic tying rope that we used in the past. The cross section of the opening has a mesh similar to a fishing net. As the name suggests, it is called a mesh wire. Mesh artificial turf is more affordable than monofilament artificial turf.

    Monofilament-reinforced artificial turf: Firstly, based on the monofilament artificial turf, another process is added. Each grass has raised ribs in the center, so that the grass is elastic. Or the performance of wear resistance is greatly improved, and the use of practice is more and more outstanding, and the corresponding quotation will be improved.

    Mesh artificial grass: The artificial grass of the mesh is relatively thicker than the fiber of the grass. It is similar to the common plastic tying rope. When the cross section is opened, the same mesh of similar fishing nets will be seen. Referred to as the mesh, the artificial turf of the mesh is more favorable than the monofilament artificial turf.

    Monofilament artificial turf: Compared with the artificial turf of the mesh, it is more fine and denser on the fibers of the grass, and the degree of simulation is higher. The structure is close to the service life of the natural turf. The anti-wear property is also better than the artificial grass of the mesh, and the corresponding quotation will be higher. However, the economy is constantly developing, people's living standards are also improving, the probability that monofilament artificial turf appears on the sports field is also higher, and the function of sports has also been greatly recognized.

    All the above three kinds of artificial turf must be sanded and rubber granules during the laying process. You need to pay special attention when purchasing, and you can choose the appropriate artificial football field artificial turf according to your needs. You can choose different according to your situation. Type of artificial turf, JS artificial grass co.,ltd is a professional football field artificial turf manufacturer, welcome to contact us.

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