Overall Layout Of Artificial Turf And Concept Of Environmental Protection

- Apr 19, 2018 -

  Artificial turf can be installed on a variety of foundation surfaces during the installation process. The basic quality requirements are not high, artificial turf is not afraid of cracking, no foam delamination, very simple and economical, product maintenance. The cost is also relatively low, and only need to use cleaning rinse to remove dirt.

The overall layout of artificial turf is very beautiful, the entire product has a high utilization rate, its life can reach more than 8 years, it is very durable and durable, so that the product can be continuously used throughout the day, the material is environmentally friendly and the construction period of the finished product is fixed. And shorter.


    Artificial turf is shock-absorbing and noise-free. It is very safe and flexible during use. This kind of product has certain flame retardancy, so it is more suitable for use in schools. Artificial turf is the best activity, training and competition at present. Other venues.


    Artificial turf mainly adopts the concept of safety and environmental protection, so that it can effectively prevent the injury of its operation to a certain extent. In the process of using it, it can effectively provide sufficient buffering force to reduce the damage that the normal hardness may cause to the footsteps. .


    The gap between artificial turf will effectively use its special high-density quartz sand which is treated with high temperature. This will enable students to have the opportunity to get close to the soil and not to contaminate the environment and body, eliminating all the troubles of cleaning.


    After the installation of the artificial turf is completed, it takes about 2 weeks mainly to stabilize the grass fiber, mainly because the product does not resemble the natural grassland. In the process of use, it often takes several weeks to use and weather it to reach its maximum. Good sports performance.


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