Precautions For Setting Sprinkler Systems In Artificial Turf Pitches

- Apr 13, 2018 -

  Even though most stadiums have replaced natural turf with artificial turf, the setting of the sprinkler system is still indispensable, because proper watering is also very beneficial for artificial turf, especially in hot climates. Watering can reduce man-made turf. The surface temperature of the lawn retards its aging.

  When setting up sprinkler systems for artificial turf fields, care should be taken to design them according to the actual conditions of the site. For example, flat areas and tall grass areas cannot share a sprinkler system because they need different watering times. .

   In practical applications, artificial sprinklers in some sprinkler-covered areas may exhibit water shortage due to the influence of wind and sprinkler flow rate and pressure on the sprinkler system. In this case, artificial turf needs to be artificially compensated. Pouring can avoid excessive sprinkler irrigation in other normal areas.



  Since there is a sprinkler system in the artificial turf field, it is naturally necessary to install a drainage system, especially in some low-lying areas. The drainage system can effectively solve the problem of water accumulation, so that an appropriate amount of moisture can be maintained in the artificial turf.

  Although the artificial turf does not require as much water as the natural turf, it also needs regular and uniform irrigation during its maintenance. On the one hand, it can wash away the dirt on the surface of the artificial turf and on the other hand, it can also cool down the surface.

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