Romantic Wedding On Artificial Turf

- Nov 27, 2018 -

Spring breeze, less than a white dress for you
When the lawn meets flowers, when love meets the beauty
The green grass in front of us, the sun swaying
Romantic and fresh
I saw you married to love.

artificial grass for wedding field

Now more and  more new people choose lawn weddings when choosing the type of wedding.  Under the blue sky and white clouds, they accept blessings from friends next to the flowers and trees. They are both fashionable and  beautiful, and the warm scene is worth a lifetime.

Today, JS  Xiaobian will talk to you about the romantic lawn wedding.

Counting  the stars of the entertainment circle, many people are interested in  lawn weddings, such as Bao Bell and Bao Wenyu, Liu Shishi and Wu Qilong,  Li Xiaoyu and many other couples. Because the  free and relaxed atmosphere of the lawn wedding scene makes the wedding  more like a large party scene, you can gather together with your close  family and friends to share a warm and happy moment.

At the same  time, the lawn wedding scene has more diverse decorations, filled with  arches of flowers and green plants. The distant mountains are covered  with green water. The green lawn is fresh and elegant, blending with the  breath of nature. The bride's white wedding dress matches the green  grass. Like an elf who accidentally broke into the world.

artificial turf for wedding_副本

The best season for lawn weddings:

Holding lawn  weddings is not like ordinary hotel weddings. It is necessary to pay  attention to seasonal factors and weather conditions. Generally, lawn  weddings are held. The best season should be from early May to  mid-September every year, and the best time is in May. From  mid-June to mid-June, from late August to early September, because  during these two periods, the weather will be more stable, the wind and  sand will be small, and there will be more flowers in the summer. The  flowers in the season are cheaper and can be arranged on the floral  arrangement. Save one. At the same  time, we must pay attention to the weather factors. The primary  consideration is the factors of rain and thunder. After all, safety is  the first. Of course, if it is cloudy on the day  of the wedding, it would be better. It can avoid being exposed to the  sun, and it will not affect the wedding because of the rain, which is  conducive to shooting.

The choice of lawn wedding location:

If you choose a  lawn wedding, the best place to choose is to sit north facing, because  during the ceremony, you will be shooting. If you are sitting south, the  backlight will be very bad. This is the big wedding photo. avoid. At the same time, the wedding venue must be away from the road to prevent unnecessary noise interference.

DIY artificial turf

Note on holding a lawn wedding:

1. When choosing  a wedding dress, you should pay attention to it: When choosing a  wedding dress, don't choose a dress with a long tail. It is not only  inconvenient to move, but also easy to be hung by flowers and branches.  The wedding ceremony is more suitable for simple and light design. Skirt, such a wedding dress will be more fairy
2.  Prepare items for mosquito bites: When holding a lawn wedding, there  are likely to be mosquitoes. In addition to prematurely disposing of the  lawn, be sure to prepare for the prevention of mosquito bites in  advance.

artificial turf_副本

However, many  times the ideals and reality are not the same. If you want to hold a  lawn wedding, it is not easy to find a suitable natural lawn. The lawns  carefully maintained in the park are not covered with signs that are not  trampled. That is, the price is prohibitive, and the  artificial lawn to carry out the lawn wedding does not need such worry  at all. The simple paving, from the outside viewing and the natural lawn  are almost the same, completely fearless to step on, to create a  romantic lawn wedding at any time. JS artificial lawn gives you an unforgettable lawn wedding!

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