Selection Of Glue For Artificial Lawn

- Mar 27, 2018 -

Artificial lawn glue has the function of binding and fixing lawn and seams, lawn and ground, and it is an important auxiliary material in the process of artificial lawn paving. How do you choose lawn glue? 
1. Water resistance, outdoor artificial turf drainage is necessary, turf glue selection has waterproof performance. If not waterproof, late lawn joints or appear cracking, sloshing and other problems. 
2. Because of the high adhesion, the use of lawn is closely related to the glue, and the glue with low viscosity may make the joint of the lawn and the perimeter of the field appear curling, which will affect the service life of the artificial lawn. 
The first step in choosing artificial lawn glue is to see what the glue is for. Some glue is suitable for bonding metals, some are suitable for bonding foam, some are suitable for bonding plastics, some are suitable for bonding glass and so on. The second step is to select the suitable temperature range of glue, and select the suitable temperature range to reach the outdoor temperature of artificial lawn. The third step is to look at the environmental protection performance of glue. Generally, the cost of high environmental protection glue is higher.


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