Sports Artificial Grass Seepage Test Method

- Nov 06, 2017 -

1 Introduction

Sports artificial grass industry has developed rapidly, and the prospects are good, so you need to test the related items to ensure the quality of their products. Sports artificial grass is used in outdoor sports venues, and the frequency of use is far greater than the natural grass, do not need water, if the water seepage can not meet the requirements, the discharge of rain is very slow, it can not play artificial grass from rainy weather The advantage of artificial artificial grass sports have to have good water seepage performance.


2 principle

The sports artificial grass sample into the seepage tester, into the water, record all the time spent 50L water flow, and then calculate the amount of water seepage.


3 device

3.1 seepage tester


4 test method

4.1 Sampling

Cut a sample of size 500 mm × 500 mm.

4.2 test procedures

4.2.1 Put the sample grass silk face up into the seepage tester, the bottom of the sample is glued to the bottom of the platen with adhesive, put down the platen and install the nut to fasten the sample to ensure that there will be no water leakage for the four weeks.

4.2.2 The centrifugal pump will work to introduce the water in the reservoir to the top of the tank, until the liquid level reaches a line, the centrifugal pump automatically stops working, seepage test began, then start the timer timer.

4.2.3 When the liquid level reaches the b line (that is, all the 50L water penetrates into the reservoir through the sample), the timer stops counting.

4. .42 Water seepage is calculated as follows:





η per unit area of grass per unit area of water seepage, in liters per minute per square meter [L / (min m2)];

T1 - water all the time spent running, in seconds (s).

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