Standard For Elite Standard For Soccer Fields For Artificial Lawn

- Mar 22, 2018 -

(A) appearance

1, the surface is flat, uniform color, seams flat, no obvious convex phenomenon, grass stems density, traction consistent, soft and comfortable grass, flexible, have good security and resistance to trampling impact. Grass seed gum to uniform thick and have good tensile strength and tear strength.


2, the function line, the bit line width size and positioning accuracy, functional area size meet the standard. Mark line should be clear, non-reflective, marking line can be directly woven in the lawn, but also on-site tailor, bonding made in the seams to pavement splicing belt connection, can not directly on the ground surface.

3, there is no obvious gap between the two turf joints, compact adhesive does not open plastic.

4, filled with sand and colloidal surface clean, full of filling, no significant difference between the level.

5, slope: artificial sports lawn site tilt slope of 4 ‰ -6 ‰, have a good drainage


(B) the distance between the bit line size accuracy

The color and size of the markup lines and lines of the various functional lines shall be in accordance with the provisions of the FIFA rules. The error does not exceed 2 cm.

(C) the thickness of the filler

Artificial grass filler for the two layers; the bottom of 40-60 mesh quartz sand, the upper 16-24 mesh rubber particles, two separate fill, can not be mixed.


(D) the performance of artificial grass field

Structure state

Do not allow the ground to appear any such as arch, cracks or degumming, broken cloth and so on. To test the standard football field, falling at a height of one meter, the ball's rebound requirements to 40%, that is, football from a high position free fall, the ball rebound height of 40 cm.

(5) flatness, slope

FIFA rules require a metric for three meters.


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