Summer Outdoor Lawn Wedding The Most Complete Strategy, You Deserve To Collect!

- Mar 04, 2018 -

Lawn wedding is a popular summer wedding type. The sun was shining, the breeze was warm, and the two lovers were married by the blessing of their relatives and friends. Don't be too nice...

The material gentleman also asked a lot of friends, think how to do lawn wedding? Although everyone thinks that lawn wedding is very romantic, small and fresh; But there are differences over the price of a lawn wedding and some more detailed aspects.

Such as price, some friends think outdoor wedding don't have to decorate the hotel will be cheaper, but some friends feel need lawn lawn wedding rental, also need the hotel banquet area, so the cost will be higher.

So today, follow the material to learn more about the lawn wedding!

So what are the costs of a lawn wedding?

Lawn wedding in addition to lawn rent, also decorate the lawn, flower door, road lead, ceremony desk, chair decoration and so on also need to spend money.

But if you don't have a special request for the lawn, you can actually look at a nearby park or private lawn. Discuss with the person in charge, perhaps still can use for free...

There's also a big overhead for outdoor wedding arrangements: flowers, so it's important to use them wisely! For example, the petals on the road can be used with false petals; Don't have too many types of flowers; one or two will do. Lawn weddings usually have flower arches and flower pavilions, and it is cheaper to use some gauze and leaves on the arches and pavilions.

Of course, the wedding banquet really needs a lot of money, let's talk about it.

What special arrangements do you need for your lawn wedding day?

1. The venue should be finished two hours before the wedding ceremony so that the guests can take a group photo.

2. Arrange the special bus for the wedding to pick up relatives and friends to go to the wedding site.

3. The on-site band, hostesses and waiters are in place in advance, and the sound system is well adjusted.

4. After the arrival of friends and relatives, free activities can be started. Photographers, drinks and music should start to serve them at this time.

5. The bride's makeup can be completed on the lawn, and the make-up artist can design the bride's make-up according to the atmosphere of the scene.

6. If the weather is hot, it is recommended to prepare mosquito spray, hats, paper fans, sunshade umbrellas and spray sunscreens in advance.

7, the lawn wedding is on the drink dessert snacks, should be put in mind. If you are prepared to quench your thirst, it is better to drink the fruit with a buffet.

When is the best time to arrange a lawn wedding?

In addition to the usual wedding lunch. If you want to have a lawn service in the afternoon, it's best to choose between 3:30-4:30 and 4:30-5:30pm. After the lawn ceremony, go to the banquet hall. Even in winter, the two periods of temperature and light are good, and will not affect the effect of the wedding.

How to solve the outdoor wedding reception?

1. If the wedding ceremony is held in the lawn and garden of the hotel, it can be transferred to the indoor banquet hall after the wedding ceremony to continue the wedding and reception.

2. You can also arrange a lawn buffet and a small cocktail party in the ceremony place. The basic style of the outdoor wedding is a western-style wedding, with western-style or Chinese dishes, self-help style, making the wedding party more like a family gathering.

What is the color aspect of the outdoor wedding?

Outdoor wedding venue, occupying most of the green, so can choose the colour of light on the decoration, such as pink, light purple, light yellow, it can be harmonious with the surrounding environment, suggest to use less red.

What is the finishing touch on a lawn wedding?

Arch: a white balloon with a ribbon arch or a flower arch. The main passage or stage area of the meeting can be divided by arch.

Table cloth: tablecloth is the largest color block in the whole meeting room. It looks neat and natural.

Band: outdoor wedding in addition to a good stereo, 1 outstanding band will also add a lot of romantic atmosphere for the wedding, bass quartet or jazz band is fit for outdoor wedding live performance.

Flowers: in the embrace of nature to hold a wedding, flowers must have, on the scene everywhere should see the shadow of the flower embellishment. For example, there should be a table flower on the table, and some Roman Columns can be placed in potted flowers, so that each of the guests present will be wearing a guest guide.

Game: because order is freedom, buffet let everybody can be in the form of communication, so you can design some new people and guests to participate in the game, let the arrival of every guest can enjoy the sweetness of your wedding and happy.

What should a bride with an outdoor wedding pay attention to when choosing a wedding dress?

Don't choose a dress with a long tail, because it can only bring you trouble if it is hooked up to the lawn or hung up. So, compared to the grand mop tail that is suitable for the banquet hall, the bride who holds the outdoor wedding is more suitable for the design of simple, frivolous and full dress.

Simple and generous A or fishtail is A good choice. Lively and lovely short style wedding dress will make the bride appear more fresh and natural.

In the case of wedding shoes, the material gentleman suggested a bride with a lawn venue, opting for a low heel, a wedge heel, a thick heel, or a flat shoe. A fine high above 10 cm will definitely give you a feeling of being in cotton, minced, and low when high.

Do you need seats for a lawn wedding? Seat decoration, how?

In fact, it is necessary to arrange some seats for the lawn wedding. After all, many elders want to witness your happy moments. Try to arrange as many seats as possible to make the guests feel more intimate.

Lawn wedding seat decoration can be said to be a highlight! So, do not use what pure white chair cover!

Please arrange the wedding ceremony to arrange the back of the chair or directly to DIY. Buy white gauze in the chair cover to pull gauze, fasten a bowknot or do not decorate the remaining flowers to be OK. The back of the chair is usually called glass yarn, or ice gauze, 2-5 yuan a meter, to the textile market or online can be bought. Spending very little money can have the desired effect.

Finally, what needs to be noticed about the lawn wedding?

1. It is necessary to go to the site with the families of both parties. The outdoor wedding scene is open and there are more disturbances. Therefore, the acoustic equipment and the surrounding environment of the site are particularly important.

2, outdoor wedding should pay attention to is an important link is the weather factors, because of the wedding planning for a long time, so it is difficult to predict the weather conditions, wedding day advised to choose a wedding in mid to late may, or fall, because the two season weather rains less wind in Beijing, and pleasant climate. In order to prevent the wedding day weather change, should prepare wind and rain protection tools beforehand. Such as simple weather proof shelter.

3. Time. The lawn wedding ceremony must be attended to control time. The wedding can be appropriately shortened and controlled between half an hour and 45 minutes. Because most of the guests are standing and facing the sun.

4, such as wedding banquet held outdoors, don't forget to choose in advance can buy outside the hotel tableware, glass tables and chairs, table cloth, service personnel, freezers, heating equipment and transportation conditions, and the necessary sunshade, disinfectant, food plastic wrap, etc.

5. The environmental protection must not be forgotten, garbage, waste, leftover food, etc., must be timely, throw into the garbage bag, and hold a green, civilized wedding.

6. The lawn must be pruned and disinfested in advance, and the medicine for insect bite should be prepared.


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