The Advantage Of Artificial Turf In Winter Is Quite Obvious

- Dec 27, 2018 -

The cold winter is coming, and artificial turf and natural lawns are facing huge challenges. The natural turf has lost its vitality early, but the artificial turf has played its advantage, and the ice-snow melting artificial turf has returned to its original appearance. So what are the advantages of artificial turf in the cold winter?

artificial turf grass

First of all, it must be its cold resistance. The artificial turf can basically resist about 40 degrees below zero. It is completely enough in China.

All-weather, artificial turf is basically not affected by the high temperature and cold, and can bring you a sports feast at any time;

Evergreen, the artificial turf continues to give you a spring-like feel when the natural turf has lost its early greenness;

Durable, artificial turf is durable and can withstand all kinds of bad weather such as wind, snow, rain, etc., and can be used frequently in the venue;

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Environmental protection: The materials of the whole site are in line with environmental protection requirements, and the artificial grass surface layer can be recycled and reused.

Simulation: Artificial grass is produced by the principle of bionics. The non-directionality and hardness of the lawn make the user have no big difference between the activity and the natural grass, and the elasticity is good and the foot feels comfortable.

Durability: Durable, not easy to fade, especially suitable for high-frequency primary and secondary school venues.

Economical: It is easy to construct and can be laid in asphalt, cement and hard sand. There is basically no maintenance cost.

Safe and environmentally friendly: Artificial turf does not use any harmful heavy metal materials, and does not cause any harm to soil and groundwater.

Wide use: artificial turf can be applied to different school sports fields, sports venues and leisure landscaping.

Features: Sports comfort: The value of artificial turf is close to or exceeds that of natural turf. Athletes can play on artificial turf without any skin burns and joint damage.

Of course, artificial turf also has its shortcomings in winter. Due to the severe cold weather, artificial turf is very difficult to lay in winter. The cold weather makes the glue used for paving artificial turf unable to dry out, which will seriously affect the artificial turf. Service life. So try to choose not to lay artificial turf in cold winter areas.

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