The Application And Development Prospect Of Artificial Lawn In Landscape

- Jan 05, 2018 -

When the intensity is too high and the growth conditions are extremely unfavorable,

Natural lawns are not easy to grow and should not be planted on lawns

Good choice. Artificial lawn is the main advantage of natural lawn

It breaks the climate limit of the natural lawn; Maintenance cost comparison

Low, in some countries and regions consider economic reasons can choose artificial

The lawn; Some indoor fields are not allowed to be planted

The lawn. On top of that, artificial lawns are used in high frequency,

In the construction method, the maintenance, the application effect, has the ratio from

However, the lawn has a better advantage, so artificial turf in the future

There will be more and more room for development. And then we have the artificial

The application and development of lawn in landscape are briefly prospected


1. Development direction: promotion and application of sports venues

With the advancement of science and technology, artificial lawns are now and natural lawns

A number of sports indicators are closer, even better than natural ones

Potential, production technology level has been continuously developed and improved, new type of people

The grass can effectively reduce the damage to the foot and damage to the skin

Features, which are safer than natural lawns, on surface coatings and raw materials

Amelioration, now the main use is open net single fiber filament, in

Shock absorption, ball bounces and other indicators of sports have been greatly improved.

In addition, the artificial lawn ministry is restricted by the rainy day, surface drainage good

Well, not to delay some big sports events. So, artificial

The lawn is becoming more and more recognized and recognized by some international competitions

The more sports venues choose artificial turf.

2. Development direction ii: the promotion of children's sports and amusement parks should be promoted


In schools, kindergartens, etc., artificial lawn tools

It has the characteristics of anti - slip, dust, convenient cleaning, and similar to nature

The appearance of the lawn makes it possible for many schools and kindergartens to use this

The new type of pavement material, the most important is the soft grass silk in the children's play

Play to protect the function, is compared general rubber cushion beautiful nature, place

In order to get further promotion application.

3. Development direction 3: roof garden greening and high-rise roof decoration


Artificial turf has been widely used in rooftop gardens

And get a lot of owner's approval and praise, filled the domestic roof

Ungreening white space, the greenery of general housetop will consider to undertake heavy shadow

The sound is made of light soil, but the waterproof requirements and construction are integrated

Price, maintenance difficulty and so on the factors usually do not decorate too much nature

Plants are grown, so artificial turf is a good choice

Use artificial lawn with local natural trees to grow on the roof

Line beautification to provide a nice environment for owners or visitors.

Also, at some top rooftops, the general population is not in

The entry is often not very well handled, but with the rise of the high-rise building

More, shorter high-rise roofs have been paid to people at the top,

It has become a landscape, and some far-sighted property developers are already aware of it

This point, in order to improve the image of the building, the choice of people cajos

The flat as the decoration of the roof, because of its beautiful, low cost, easy maintenance

It will also be a choice for more and more buildings in the future.

4. Development direction 4: indoor golf and other ground decoration applications

Golf as a senior sport, in some advanced

Hotels and clubs often set up small golf courses. In the bar

The main purpose of the customer is not to play ball but to take the main travel meeting.

As a result, golf courses tend to be mostly true, and hotels tend to be

Choose artificial grass green. Indoor or small golf courses can be mentioned

Upgrade the hotel and club level, so will also get more application.

Other indoor sports, amusement places want to get outdoor nature

The beautiful effect of lawn field, but lack sunshine, water and so on plant

The necessary natural growth conditions, so the artificial lawn has become the no. 2


5. Development direction 5: application of outdoor vertical three-dimensional greening

At present vertical three-dimensional greening becomes more and more popular advocate and chase

It is also one of the trend of future greening development, but its cost and

The difficulty of construction maintenance also puts off many people, natural vegetation has

Certain periodicity, and artificial lawn has easy maintenance, need not a lot

Water, beauty, simulation, sustainable effect and other characteristics, as

Decorative effect can be used as the pioneer of vertical three-dimensional greening, as the future self

The development of artificial lawn technology, artificial turf

The domain also has a very wide application.

6. Development direction 6: cold, drought, etc

The promotion of natural lawn area

The cold weather in the north caused a bleak winter

Like, a little green would be very exciting, in some fields

The land can be properly matched with the artificial lawn landscape, with the artificial turf technology

The development of the grass silk will be the same as natural grass

Sleep effect. For example, on some roads, in addition to the extremely hardy pine family

Besides, artificial lawn can be used as a new greening option, for slow

Solve the driver, improve driving safety play a big role.

7. Development direction: the promotion of private courtyard and natural planting area


There is also a growing use of artificial turf in private yards

Many, some families accept its simple management maintenance mode, beauty

The view, applicable, clean, compared to natural grasses, is also economical,

It can also provide more comfortable activities, of course in the ecological effect

Not as natural as some natural ones, but still got

More and more family choices and preferences. Most garden lawns are

Plants need to be configured to restrict space, and to form specific plants

But the nature of the grass needs a lot of water and plenty of it

Maintenance cost, in some natural growing areas, ecological benefits are not the first

The area of factor, because of economic beautiful consideration also can appropriate development

Artificial lawn combined with nature Joe's.

8. Development direction 8: artificial - natural hybrid lawn in mountain green

Application of greening and greening

Plant artificial grass on natural turf systems to reinforce natural grasses

The flat is filled with natural grass on the basis of artificial turf

Two studies of construction methods have been extensively studied abroad.

But there are mature market applications, and there is no denying that this will be

The important development direction of artificial lawn in the future, especially for mountain greening,

The greening of the barren slope is of great significance

Mountain slopes that desperately need to improve their ecological environment are green in the short term

In the long term, ecological restoration will be realized.


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