The Beginning Of The Industrial Chain Of Plastic Fake Lawn Mall

- Jan 04, 2018 -

Why is artificial turf so successful? First, the artificial lawn overcomes some of the main difficulties of natural grass: one, cannot grow in the climate of the pole; 2. Some countries and regions cannot afford to pay high maintenance costs for economic reasons; 3. Unable to develop in some stadium with ceiling.

On top of that, there are other benefits to the artificial lawn: the cost of the artificial lawn economy is low, and the number of days is about eight to 12 years, while the natural grass is only two to four years. Artificial turf with high strength, can be all-weather use, free of use frequency, and meet with rain and snow can only delay the use of natural grass together it should not be used for the competition too much, because it will be a big damage for the lawn; The artificial lawn is practical, the maintenance is brief, after several generations of updates, the turf grass has been able to match the natural grass.

These interests of artificial grass make artificial grass have wide open space, there is a tendency to replace natural grass


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