The Effect Of Artificial Turf Friction And Filling Depth On Football

- Jan 19, 2018 -

After a thorough understanding, the difference between the artificial turf and the natural lawn should be in its performance, such as friction. Tests have shown that the friction between artificial turf and natural grass is different for an object.

Take the football field as an example, the plant grass fiber of the natural lawn football field has little friction on the football, so it determines the speed of the ball rolling on the natural lawn and the distance of the rolling distance. However, the artificial turf football field is different, it USES chemical fiber grass, so the friction of football is bigger, which makes the ball rolling more slowly, and the rolling distance is relatively close.

Also, since the artificial turf fields has great friction, so it will force the athletes at the same time, the same strength under the movement of consuming more energy, early fatigue, seriously affected the tactics for the athletes. According to this to remind everybody is, often in the artificial turf soccer field training of athletes in the artificial lawn playing football on the ground as far as possible, otherwise it will affect the play football tactics.

Is endowed with artificial lawn grass chemical fibers has great friction, of course including reasonable or quartz sand and rubber, filling depth of the artificial turf in the quartz sand or rubber particles can be used according to the purpose and the choice of the lawn beam height.

For larger impact strength movement, can choose Ye Shu longer artificial lawn and filling deep padding, in terms of common football field turf, more suitable for filling depth of 5 mm tip; For a well-balanced and well-balanced motion, the leaf bundle can be reduced appropriately and the filling depth of the filling can be increased, even with the surface of the lawn.

That is to say, in the artificial turf football field, the rebound of football and the surface hardness of the court can be controlled to some extent by the filling type and filling depth, which is also a skill.


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