The Future Market For Artificial Turf Will Be Beautiful

- Jan 04, 2018 -

Lawn is enabled in European countries, their lawn material function than in our country as a whole, the introduction of the lawn using less than 10 years, constantly updated with the artificial grass fiber and manufacture of mechanical innovation, developing or artificial turf in China soon.

At present, the artificial lawn has been deeply loved by the campus, arranging units, sports venues and other public places. At the same time, because the artificial grass carpet can not only prevent slippery, dust removal, easy to clean, and looks like grass, have the feeling of greening, start now become common furniture furnishings, for ordinary people like, therefore, artificial lawn market prospect is widely, it is also a domestic lawn, professional to carry out the cause of the rapid location.

At present, the high-end lawn mall in China is the first to import artificial lawn. Middle - and high-end shopping malls are mainly based on "material import and domestic production". Low-end lawn emporium is mainly made of domestic materials. Judging from the current situation of China's economy, the imported lawn has a limited capacity because of the high price. Therefore, the customer base of such products is getting smaller and smaller.

For low-end mall lawn, the quality of the products is becoming less and less satisfying because of the high quality of the market. The artificial turf at the middle and high end of the mall is comparable to imported products in quality, far higher than the low-end grass. On price is much lower than the imported lawn, all over for the masses to withstand, is the so-called "quality, domestic prices" in the world, and it's adaptability to carry out the law of demand, so it has huge development space. At present, the development of the shopping mall is gradually approaching this level.

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