The Harm And Expression Of Inferior False Grass

- Jan 01, 2018 -

The appearance of inferior fake grass skin is shown as:

1. The grass is easy to lose hair and the grass silk is not bright enough, because of the inferior raw materials made by the grass silk.

2. The back glue is thin, the dew is clear, the bottom cloth is thin, affects the life of the lawn, the grass is easy to fall off, the base cloth perishable.

3. Sparse grass density.

What harm would it do to inferior fake turf? Let's look at a representative event a few years ago.

In the second half of the third year of the third year, a large area of "green foam" appeared. As long as they walk through the playground, students' shoes, clothes, and even their skin are covered with green villi, which are more frightening as they are breathed in by the children.

The fake grass in the playground of the school was found to be of inferior quality and contained excessive heavy metals. Inferior fake grass will become fragile, pulverization in outdoor environment, the industry will be this kind of situation is called fibrosis and fibrosis of fake grass after trampling will become powder, after being sucked into the body can cause great damage to health. In particular, the object of injury is the primary and middle school students who are relatively high in the use of the playground and are very weak in their own resistance, and the consequences are chilling.

Inferior fake grass skin color is not uniformly dark and dark, compared with real grass, it is obviously unnatural; In order to reduce production costs, do not use harmless raw materials of high purity, or simply use recycling materials containing heavy metals, and the formula than casual, such as uv resistance, wear resistance, anti-aging and so on of additive component is far from enough or category is not complete, bottom lining strength is insufficient, the back glue not environmental protection, is an important factor lead to false turf quality closes nevertheless. In the end, it is not only the appearance of bad appearance, but also the motor performance can not be realized, the service life is short, even harm the human body.

To the undertakings of physical culture and sports in the country to vigorously promote the popularization and people fitness consciousness gradually awakening practice, pushed by the vigorous sports facilities construction project started, to ride, fake grass industry is also busy to development. At the same time, as the weakness of chaoyang industry has gradually emerged, the fake grass and leather enterprises are spotty, the industry regulation is not in place, the quality is not guaranteed.

In the fierce competition, fake grass enterprises to grab market share, add a small number of unscrupulous merchants to enter the market, price war is inevitable. In this case, enterprises must take advantage of the cost of product, ignore the quality of the fake grass, and even the bad means to harm the interests of consumers.

The above mentioned above is the concentrated embodiment of inferior false grass. But generally unaccountable speculators do not become such an obvious collector, so non-professional consumers are not quick to discern the truth. But even in one or more of them, they are still producing what they say is a disqualified product of corporate conscience and consumer interest.


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