The Knowledge Of Outdoor Golf Course

- Jan 02, 2019 -

The regular golf course is generally with 18 holes and 72 par, divided into two halves, 9 holes per half. The first nine holes are also called: OUT COURSE, the last nine holes are called: IN COURSE, and there are 2 in each half. It is a short hole of PAR-3, two long holes of PAR-5, and five middle holes of PAR-4. The total length of the fairway is generally between 5300-7700M. Each hole often has putting greens, tees, fairways, bunkers, rough areas, lakes, flowers and trees.
 In a standard competition, 75% of the shots are related to the putting greens. The area of a putting green is: 500-850 square meters. it is generally divided into three areas: the front, middle and the back. When the cup is in front, the putting green flag is in red. In the middle, the flag is in yellow, and in the latter, the flag is in white. The height of the putting green grass is generally 3-7mm, and the height of the grass around of the putting green is generally 8-10mm. The operation and maintenance that is often done on the putting greens are as follows: 1. Surface sanding, surface sanding can increase the smoothness of the green surface and control the accumulation and formation of the hay layer; 2. Punching is the use of drilling machines from the lawn soil. The process of excavating the core, the drilling depth can reach 7.5-10CM. The diameter of the holes varies from 6.4 to 16 mm, and the sanding operation is accompanied by punching.

artificial golf grass

 The tee box: Each hole is generally 3-5 tees, and the height of the tee is 0.8-1.3CM. According to the distance from the putting green, it is a professional player tee, an amateur tee, and a women's tee.
 The trimming height of the fairway lawn is 1.5-3CM.
 High grass area: The trim height of most high grass areas is: 4-7.5CM.
 Sand pit: Usually there are 40-90 bunkers in an 18-hole stadium. Each bunker has an area of 140-380 square meters and a total area of 5,000-20,000 square meters.
 In addition, there are lakes, sand pits, and flowers and trees. In addition to increasing the beauty of the stadium, it is more important to increase the difficulty of playing and improve the fun of playing.

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