The Most Common Use Of Artificial Turf In Life

- May 03, 2018 -

  The most common use of artificial turf in life. Artificial turf has gradually infiltrated into our lives unconsciously. You will find that artificial turf is used in many places, and its application is also very extensive. Let's learn together with Xiaobian, the main artificial turf Which of our daily lives are used.

  First, to watch the artificial turf that is used, the normal selected color is green, and the color is relatively uniform, and the leaf is also relatively uniform.

Second, the artificial turf used by Hume is mainly used for open-style rest, walking and games, and some outdoor sports. Generally, artificial turf with relatively high resilience, relatively thin blades, and high resistance to pedaling is generally used.

  Third, the artificial turf used for sports, this type of artificial turf is relatively diversified in terms of types, normal are mainly mesh structure, and contain fillers, but also very resistant to stamping, the most important is also With a certain buffer protection performance. Although artificial turf does not have the function of oxygen production of natural grasses, it still has a certain effect of soil fixation and sand control, and the protection of artificial turf is stronger than that of natural grass and will not be affected by any weather. The number of years of use is also relatively long. Therefore, it is used in a large number of sports venues such as football fields.


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