The Requirement Of Grass Silk, Bottom Cloth And Back Glue In Environmental Protection Artificial Lawn.

- Jan 26, 2018 -

Although the artificial turf market is developing very fast, there is no guarantee that there are no bad products in the market, and we really need the high-quality green artificial grass, so that we can guarantee the life. In fact, it is not difficult to distinguish between environmental and artificial turf.

* can judge from the yarn first man-made lawn of environmental protection, environmental protection artificial lawn grass yarn quality olefin polymers are often used as raw material, and add a does not contain heavy metals of high temperature resistant masterbatch, processing AIDS, etc. Because several raw materials are single, the quality can be controlled well, and this kind of lawn will not stimulate the skin in use, and will not cause harm to the environment.

Rather than green artificial turf grass silk is mostly unknown or detecting the use of recycled material is unqualified, as recycling material source is more complex, generally contain a variety of different additives, these additives is easy to occur after many processing using or cracking reaction, cause harm to human body and environment.

Second, also at the bottom of the artificial lawn judgment of whether or not environmental protection, the bottom of the larger artificial turf Home is not much, they all have the relevant qualification certificate, reliable quality and environmental protection, basically won't appear the environmental protection question, and, of course, is made of green artificial turf. And the material that some informal manufacturer produces cannot guarantee.


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