The Unique Advantage Of The Artificial Turf To Escape From The Environmental Constraints High-speed Growth.

- Mar 13, 2018 -

It has been around for a long time, but it is only in the last few years that you really know the artificial turf. The main factor is that the natural lawn is completely unable to meet people's needs for life and leisure. The rise of the artificial lawn has brought the Gospel to many people who are keen on outdoor sports.

Now we have in-depth bone marrow on artificial turf cognition, lawn on the application and development have experienced a long winter and now growing spring, now covers communities, stadium, etc., is now also widely carried out in sports use, and the application of sports venues brings higher requirements on the quality, specification, and therefore promote the artificial lawn high-speed development and technical innovation. Because the grass is influenced by factors such as climate, management and site is serious, and influenced by seasonal and geographical constraints, to ensure its stability, high efficiency, to achieve the use of high quality level. In the 1960 s the ford foundation first used synthetic fiber laying the college sports venues, later built lots of places for entertainment and leisure activities, marked the advent of the first batch of the first generation of artificial turf.

We all know that artificial turf is inanimate plastic as raw materials, chemical fiber products are familiar PE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene), and other materials, using purely mechanical manufacturing lawn, it solves high utilization rate, growth conditions conducive to natural lawn planting grass rather than construction. The artificial turf maintenance demand is low, the operation cost is also low, better is his service life is longer, widely used in recreational sports.

For half a century, the development and application of artificial turf in which had the very big improvement and progress, the predecessor - plastic grass is in the last century sixty years on behalf of the American urban children bring the Gospel of entertainment, China is now the world's second largest economy, the demand of the artificial lawn is also gradually increased, in the late ninety s 20th century school promotion of sports venues, artificial turf is also included, for our country's middle school, students at the university of convenient sport leisure.

As children, unlike adults, to adapt to artificial lawn nursery is early use of the lawn, also is the lawn in the forefront of the promotion, almost every country in South America are equipped with artificial lawn to satisfy the needs of the children. However, there are certain restrictions on the artificial turf in the UK, which is not allowed in the English premier league except for the training grounds. In Scotland, it is a pity that the lawn is only allowed to be used in designated sports. But the local climate makes it very convenient to grow natural grass.

With the popularization of sports, people's need for health is increasing day by day, and the prospect of expanding the market is still very promising, and it will throw a fast growth rate. In the future, along with the increasing innovation of technology, the artificial lawn products will have more change, durable, recyclable circulation, green environmental aspects such as function, artificial turf will limit its growth.


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