The World Garden Club Also Used Artificial Turf

- Jun 06, 2018 -

  The World Horticultural Expo, short for “World Garden Club”, is a professional international expo approved and approved by the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH). It is a non-trade show that showcases the world’s gardening and gardening products and scientific and technological achievements. Garden Science "Olympic Games".

  Since the first international horticultural exposition in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in 1960, more than 31 world horticultural expositions have been held since 2015. There are more and more applications of artificial turf at the World Congress. What are the specific applications? According to our preliminary understanding, the application of artificial turf at the World Garden Congress has the following points:

  First, green roof decoration artificial turf, it is well known that the roof is not suitable for planting trees, green trees, barely so if the cost is very large, but this is not the most difficult problem, planting natural lawn on this platform The biggest difficulty is the lack of water, poor management, and the thin soil layer. Both the construction part and the post-maintenance part need to invest a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources. The contractor of the World Horticultural Exposition also fully takes this into consideration and uses artificial roof on some of the roofs of the park. Lawn, it is both environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

  Second, the wall is decorated with artificial turf. The facade decoration of the World Club will use artificial turf, because the artificial turf is highly malleable and can be spread on different shapes, including small animals and fonts. Such a green lawn is Visually pleasing to the eye, the buyers who attend the World Horticultural Society naturally feel beautiful.

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