Three Different Types Of Football Pitch Artificial Grass

- May 18, 2018 -

                                 Three different types of football pitch artificial grass

The artificial turf used on the football field can be divided into three primary categories: monofilament-reinforced artificial turf; mesh artificial turf; and monofilament artificial turf.

First, the monofilament-reinforced artificial turf: First and foremost is to add another process on the basis of monofilament artificial turf. Each straw has raised ribs in the center. In this case, the grass silk is Elasticity, or in the performance of wear resistance have been greatly improved, and the use of the practice is also more outstanding, and the corresponding quotations will increase.

Second, the artificial turf of the mesh: The artificial turf of the three football fields has a high degree of simulation. The artificial turf of the mesh is relatively thicker than that of the grass, and is similar to the common plastic tying rope. When you turn it over, you will see similar grids similar to fishing nets, or simply webs. Artificial turf for nets is more priced than monofilament artificial turf.

Third, the monofilament of artificial turf: how to compare it with the artificial turfgrass mesh, the grass fiber on the more fine and denser, and the degree of bionics is also higher, in the structure basically close to the natural lawn The service life, but the wear resistance is also better than the mesh artificial turf, and the corresponding offer will be higher. However, as the economy continues to develop, the people are rapidly advancing in the standard of living. The probability of monofilament artificial grass appearing on sports grounds is also higher, and the function of sports has also been widely recognized.


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