Top 10 Features Of Artificial Lawns Over Natural Ones

- Jul 27, 2018 -

The artificial lawn of football field has gradually replaced the natural lawn as the choice of mainstream football field construction in recent years. In fact, as early as the mid-1980s, relevant international documents on the quality of sports venues have been issued, and we can clearly see the great advantages of artificial lawn.

1.The football field artificial lawn is easy to install and not easily damaged. It can be installed on the surface of the field without fear of delamination.

2.The artificial lawn of football field is easy to maintain. It can be cleaned simply by washing.

3.The artificial lawn of the football field can not only be recycled, but also be reused. The sand used in the construction can use the sand left over from the original excavation, which is environmentally friendly and requires low cost.

4.The artificial lawn of football field can provide enough cushioning force to reduce the impact on athletes' feet effectively. Even if athletes fall down, the artificial lawn can also protect athletes' health and safety.

5.The grass of the football field artificial lawn not only resembles the natural grass in shape, but also follows the natural grass in comfort.

6.The football field artificial lawn is durable and beautiful, not only can be used at any time, but also can be arranged at any time, providing visual comfort, and maintain for a long time.

7.The quality of the football field artificial lawn is easy to distinguish, the manufacture cost is low, the craft is simple, saves time and effort, does not need the specialized talented person also may distinguish the good from the bad.

8.The football field artificial lawn has good flame retardant, high elasticity, low price and low professional requirement.

9.When the artificial lawn of football field is finished, it can not only reduce the shock, but also reduce the noise and reduce the disturbance to the surrounding environment.

10.The football field lawn is clean and easy to clean. It is made of clean quartz sand.

Football field artificial lawn can meet the daily sports of most athletes, and it is not restricted by the environment like natural lawn. It has been widely used in the world, and different lawns should be chosen according to different needs.

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