Top Floor Artificial Turf Football Field, A Good Place For Exercise After Meal

- Apr 12, 2018 -

In recent years, the roof football stadium has gradually appeared in the country. In an expensive city, finding an open space as large as a football field is not easy. Even if it is found, the leased space is a huge expense. On the other hand, the high-rise buildings that are filled with the city are mostly left unused. The appearance of a football stadium on the rooftop is a double benefit.
China has a large population base. Although the promotion of national fitness for the nation has increased the number of sports and fitness venues, it still cannot meet people's needs. In particular, although football is very popular, the area occupied is much larger than that of general sports. Planning and construction are much more difficult than others. The rooftop artificial turf soccer field is already very common in foreign countries, and it is particularly popular with the countries that have a tight land. It is now also very suitable for the current China.

Top roof football stadium_副本.jpg

The artificial turf soccer field on the roof is mostly built near the mall, office building and residential community. The population is relatively concentrated. It is very convenient for people to come to a football match that is full of passion and sweat after the usual work or after dinner. Some people may worry about some security issues, such as whether the ball will fly out of the venue to the pedestrians or the window of the room. It is true that semi-enclosed fenced soccer fields do present such hidden dangers, but now the roofed football field will basically use a fully enclosed cage soccer field, and there is absolutely no such concern.
 The artificial turf soccer field on the roof is limited by the building area of the building. There are fewer open spaces where 11-acre venues can be laid, and it is difficult for people in daily life to exercise together with such a large number of people. Relatively speaking, the three-a-side and five-a-side venues for cage soccer are more suitable for the construction of artificial turf pitches on the top floor. The 3-a-side venue is 16m*10m*3m, and the 5-acre venue is 40m*26m* 3 meters, the general roof area can be satisfied.

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