Common Golf Greens

- Nov 28, 2018 -

Putting green is a term in golf that refers to the lawn in which the hole is located. The green grass is short and smooth, helping to push the ball. When the player is playing, the first goal is to hit the ball on the green and further score with the putter. The greens don't have a fixed size and shape. It can be said that there are no two greens in the world. The  grass of the green is more delicate and delicate than the grass in  other areas of the stadium. Therefore, women wearing high-heeled shoes  are absolutely not allowed to enter the green to prevent the lawn from  being broken.

Often  based on the terrain, golf designers have worked hard to design a  variety of greens to make the course even better. The more common types  are:

(1)  Island Greens: In addition to retaining a passageway, the greens are all  surrounded by sand pits or pools, which is extremely challenging.

artificial putting green 6_副本

(2) High  Prototype Green (Cannon Table): The entire green is 60-120 cm higher  than the surrounding terrain, like a raised platform, which is good for  the drainage of the green.

(3) Disc Green:  Compared to the high prototype green, the periphery is higher, and the  middle part of the green is the lowest part of the terrain. The ball is  easier to hit the green and is used more in the early stage.

artificial putting green_副本

(4) Double green  type: The two greens can be used interchangeably, so that the green can  be fully maintained. If the course area is enough, this is a method  worth promoting.

(5) Double-layer  green type: A green forest consisting of two platforms, the two  platforms are connected by gentle slopes instead of the dead corners  like stairs. This form of green is used. There are more mountainous courses.

artificial putting green 1_副本

(6) Backrest  Greens: This kind of green is caused by the slopes being excavated and  filled. The greens are low and high in front and there are obvious  slopes on the sides and rear. Usually, bunkers or depressions are  arranged on the slopes.

The quality of the green is not the same. In general, good greens need to be well maintained so that the ball can roll smoothly against the cut lawn. Golf enthusiasts generally describe a good green as a fast, and with a single click, the ball can roll very far. In contrast, if you need a lot of effort to hit the ball, such a green is called slow.

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