What Are The Advantages Of Artificial Turf

- Feb 10, 2019 -

First of all, artificial lawn overcomes several primary difficulties of natural grass: first, real grass cannot grow normally in a very high-end climate, and the survival rate of natural grass is not ideal; Ii. Some countries and regions cannot afford the high maintenance cost of real grass due to economic reasons; 3. Natural grass cannot be cultivated in some stadiums with roofs.

Compared with natural turf, artificial turf has obvious advantages:

(1) it can be used normally in cold winter or hot summer, with little influence of rain and snow, and can be used 24 hours a day, especially suitable for school football field or various training fields with high frequency of use. Artificial turf is durable and high strength, can be used all the time, no use frequency constraints, and natural grass in rain and snow weather can only be postponed.

(2) with good durability, the normal service life of an artificial lawn can be more than 6 years, while that of natural grass is only 2 to 4 years; Natural grass is not suitable for too much non-competitive activity because it can be very damaging to the lawn.

(3) artificial lawn has low economic cost, low management and maintenance cost in the later stage, simple maintenance and no need of planting; No pruning required; No watering required; Indoor still can maintain green, changeless in winter yellow;

(4) the surface layer can be recycled and reused with environmental performance;

(5) many international and domestic competitions are held on artificial turf, which will provide greater consistency in performance;

(6) will not cause allergic reaction;

(7) the whole lawn is uniform, not like the natural lawn with bare bare area. Artificial lawn has strong practicability and simple maintenance. After several generations of update, the grass quality of artificial lawn is now comparable to that of natural grass.

Compared with natural grass, artificial lawn has many other advantages. These advantages of artificial lawn make the artificial grass industry have a great development prospect and have the tendency to replace natural grass.

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