What Are The Common Auxiliaries For Artificial Turf?

- Apr 16, 2018 -

    Presumably everyone will not be unfamiliar with artificial turf today, and they are often seen in our living environment. In fact, the artificial turf is a kind of synthetic fiber that simulates grass-like leaves, which is embedded in a woven base fabric and coated with a fixed coating on the back to produce a chemical product with natural grass movement performance.

    At present, the use of artificial turf is quite extensive. For example, it can be used as a playground turf, and can also be used as a court floor and various green grounds. The product not only has a bright appearance but is green and vivid in all seasons. It also has good drainage performance. For the user, the product also has the advantages of long service life and low maintenance costs. Of course, the main raw material of synthetic fiber in this product is PP or PE, which can be used to synthesize and add additives before use.

    Do you know which additives are used? In fact, in the process of making artificial turf, the additives usually added include anti-UV agents, flame retardants, anti-static agents, anti-subsidence agents, and the like. It is because of the use of these auxiliaries that they have been able to extend the life of the lawn.

    However, the actual age of artificial turf depends mainly on its gum quality. Usually, when making a lawn, it is a single-bottomed grid that is woven and glued. The adhesive after drying should be flexible and not easily broken. Only in this way can the life of the lawn be guaranteed.

    When we buy artificial turf, we should know that high-quality products feel smooth and flexible. At the same time, the color of the grass silk is even and soft, and the opening net is well-proportioned. When the tear is split, the split ends are uniform. In addition, the back of the artificial turf is firm, elastic, and has uniform and glossy coating.


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