What Are The Differences Between Artificial Turf And Natural Turf? Why Not Try To Make Human Grass Near Real Grass?

- Jan 01, 2018 -

Since the 1970 s, the introduction of artificial grass football, in the international sports world caused the widespread dispute, up to now, the relative merits of natural grass with artificial grass still caused a big debate in sports. Until the mid - 80 - s, FIFA (FIFA) and the national sports commission jointly issued by the unity of the stadium lawn movement quality evaluation standard, which makes the debate with the actual objective criteria. So what is the effect of artificial grass and natural grass on football?

1. Two kinds of space elastic impact on football because of the natural lawn natural grass plant fiber spandex co., LTD., the length of a football field and football on the grass stretch generally smaller, upper air ball or a rebound after landing bounce height is not high, is advantageous for the athletes, stop the ball and controlling the ball. However, artificial turf soccer field of artificial grass is plastic fiber make more, thus determines the has the very good elasticity, high rebound or half empty fly football falls come up to the power of will. This means that if you have too much of a ball or a rebound in the game, you won't be able to catch, stop and control the ball. The athletes must adjust their stop position, determine the height and route of the football, and influence the inherent skills and tactics of the athletes.

2. The two kinds of the impact on the football field friction natural turf fields of plant straw fiber for football friction force is not big, thus determines the football on the grass rolling speed faster, rolling distance far away. However, the chemical fiber grass of artificial turf soccer field has a great friction on the football, and the ball falls on the artificial turf to be more astringent, and the rolling speed is slower and the rolling distance is relatively close. Can reflect the smooth degree of the lawn surface rolling distance, measurement method is generally put standard creatively at a high 1 m, beveling and horizontal 45 ° Angle triangle measuring frame, make the ball falling down the chute, the determination of the ball after a ball stops rolling contact the lawn to the distance, the longer the distance, said the lawn surface more smooth, lawn conversely the more rough. The roll distance is the best when it is 3 ~ 12m, and the rolling distance is 2 ~ 14m for acceptable range. From the test, the rolling distance of the natural lawn site is 4 ~ 15m; Artificial turf field rolling distance in 1 ~ 10 m, can be seen from the results of the measurement of artificial lawn area obviously friction is bigger than the grass fields, and artificial turf large friction force athletes at the same time, the same strength under the movement of consuming more energy, early fatigue, seriously affected the tactics for the athletes.

3. The two sites the influence of the football field joint injury of players we were watching the game live, often can see the grass under the rivalry between the sod lift fly, don't think it is grass, grass roots and even joint the takeoff of the soil in essence was protective of all joints, and on the artificial turf, at most top fly some colloidal particles, so the joints and ligaments are under greater stress in these intense action, easy to cause injury and damage. Also said above, artificial turf on the ball faster, springback is higher, it virtually sped up the rhythm, and the fast pace of confrontation will also increase the risk of injury to some extent, at the same time, a lot of the ball to the player's reaction time is shorter, can also cause some subconscious irregular movement, lead to injury. However, the flatness of the natural grass that we are exposed to is hardly comparable to that of artificial turf, since the ground potholes are also prone to joint damage. On the other hand, kicking a ball on a natural lawn makes it difficult for players to make difficult moves, such as sliding shovels and curling, which actually increase the probability of injury.

4. The drainage function of two field football fields is the most important foundation of the football field. The construction of a football field should take into account the problem of drainage. Artificial lawn drainage and underground drainage, drainage system including the ground floor drain is generally through a certain slope drainage (0.2% ~ 0.5%), site can also be set around the middle high low, so out of water. In addition, it is good to choose water permeability and water permeable sand loam. But it is more slow to rely on the ground, so the more advanced football fields have an underground drainage system. The underground drainage system is generally designed in the base layer with drainage pipes. Drainage pipes are usually made of clay pipes, concrete pipes and other materials. There are many kinds of layout, according to different design of different design of different layout density. When the water in the field is stagnant, water seeps from the seepage of the grass in the water to the bottom of the base layer, and then the drain is collected into the main stream to the outside. The drainage of the natural lawn is basically the same as the artificial lawn.

5. The lighting standards of the two sites affect the lighting quality of the football field mainly by the level of illumination, uniformity of illumination and the degree of glare control achieved. Athletes, photographers and spectators demand different things. The degree of glare caused by lighting fixtures depends on the luminosity and direction of the floodlight, the number of lighting fixtures, the position of the lighting device in the field and the brightness of the surrounding environment. In fact, there is a fiscal consideration for lighting fixtures. This is largely determined by the number of seats in the audience. The lighting standard of the site depends on the visibility of the spectators, not only with the vertical illumination, but also with the illumination of the horizontal plane. Since the lawns of the two venues are different, the lighting standards can't be the same.

6. Two sites on the team tactics because of artificial turf soccer field elasticity and the influence of friction is bigger than natural lawn football fields, was first set tactics, because of ground, had to temporarily to rearrange the new tactics. But such tactics are not through long-term cooperation, thus determines the tactics of the football team is affected, especially like the antithesis of tactical team, the elasticity of the artificial turf soccer field is too large will result in changes of the football trajectories, which seriously influence the success rate of tactics; For some poor physical team, artificial turf soccer field with a bigger football shoes on the football and athletes of friction, thus sports player at the same time also strength will consume more energy, early fatigue, the original tactics will be hindered; For technical team accustomed to playing in passing, artificial turf for larger friction will affect the ball rolling, rolling speed and distance, in turn, affects the athletes control the rhythm of the game. Disadvantages is advantageous, artificial grass has many advantages are incomparable natural grass, as is known to all, with the grass to play a game need to maintain two different days, artificial turf can achieve the whole season, around the clock, 24 hours of continuous use, basic is zero, and later maintenance costs and in an age of rapid development of science and technology, excellent standard of fake grass has been certified by FIFA, infinite close to natural lawn on performance.


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