What Is The Glue For The Artificial Turf

- Aug 29, 2017 -

The glue used for artificial turf is: artificial turf glue.

This glue is more viscous and can effectively bind artificial turf. After the bonding of the lawn will be extra tight, and will not Alice.


Artificial turf glue purposes: metal, rubber, glass, leather, plastic, paper machine, cloth, foam, wood and other bonding. Dedicated to artificial turf laying construction of polypropylene, polyester, nylon and other cloth bonding.

Features: Viscosity, for the quality of loose material glue is not easy to lose, can save the amount of glue, and the initial strong sticky, easy to operate, water, weather resistance.


The surface is clean and treated to remove moisture, oil and dust from the surface, proper coarse grinding or solvent cleaning if necessary.

Brush number: 100 - 200g / m2

Dry way: natural dry bath 15-50 minutes or 50-60 ℃ for drying, 6-10 minutes to fit.

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