What Kind Of Football Boots Are Artificial SOD?

- Aug 19, 2018 -

Generally, artificial turf is used in football matches. It feels comfortable to play football on artificial turf, but it also needs a pair of football shoes suitable for oneself. So, what kind of football shoes does artificial turf suit?

Football pitches are generally divided into artificial turf and plastic turf according to the different venues. Artificial turf is used only in general professional football matches, and the effect is better. Artificial turf is cared for by special personnel, and natural turf is combined according to a unique formula, and then placed in the football field. It is more soft than plastic, and athletes are less likely to get hurt when they are playing fast.

Before we can solve the problem of what football shoes artificial turf uses, we have to classify the artificial turf and then choose from different textures. Artificial turf is mainly divided into soft and hard two kinds, the former is worth the soft and wet turf, the latter is in the hard grassland or the surface of the artificial pasture paved thicker. Soft football field needs to use steel nail football shoes, because the surface is soft, with steel nails grasp the ground strong, to prevent athletes in the fast running when slipping. Steel nails can't be used on hard grass, but with AG football shoes, because hard steel nails are easy to fall down, as long as we distinguish the types of artificial turf football, we can distinguish what kind of football shoes artificial turf.

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