What Makes The Artificial Turf More And More Popular?

- Aug 29, 2017 -

Artificial turf is very popular for indoor and outdoor decoration now, the moderate products is selected to in line with the requirement of installation according to different purpose, environment and how frequency to use.


With many advantages, people love artificial grass more and more and use it widely instead of natural turf. from the cost point of view, natural turf would not cheaper than artificial turf considering raw material and labor cost for long term maintenance. Let’s to know more what advantage artificial turf got in the following.


1. Evergreen and simulation: Artificial turf looks bright, it keep vivid and green all seasons around

2. More safety: Artificial turf would protect the ligaments, muscles, joints of Athletes while they are playing on it, and the collision and friction would be greatly reduced when the athlete fall down the ground.

3. More economy: The white line, yellow line of sport courts request can be netted in the turf while manufacturing, it’s more eco-friendly without any harmful substances, the average life span would be more than 10 years with low maintenance costs.

4. Sound-absorbing noise reduction: Artificial turf has a function of absorption of noise

5. Well breathable and drainage: all-weather use, strong weather resistance.

6.  Excellent physical and chemical properties. Artificial turf are produced with modern technology, that make turf with better tensile strength, firmness, flexibility, wear-resistance, ageing resistance, color fastness in a very high level.

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