Whether The Artificial Turf On The World Cup Is Green.

- Jan 13, 2018 -

As you stay up to watch the World Cup, do you care about the artificial grass on the pitch besides watching the ball? I wonder if you have noticed that the football fields in foreign countries are always green, green and clean. In fact, there is no doubt that these colors are not natural, but are colored by lawn dyeing. Will this colored dye do harm to the environment?

Lawn coloring is actually a landscape modification method that began in the 1950s in the United States. In the early stage, it was mainly for the convenience of film shooting scenes.

Currently, there are two main types of lawn colorants used in the market: natural colorants and synthetic colorants. The main coloring matter of the former is mainly mineral powder or plant extract color, the latter is some synthetic dyes such as phthalocyanin and so on. At the same time, both contain viscosifier, dispersant and adhesion test. These colouring elements can be attached to the plant and the surface of the soil for 60-120 days.

As the growing demand for the landscape change, some developed non oily and harmless to plants, environmental basic lawn colorants, used for golf, football field, and family leisure lawn lawn direct contact with the body of the lawn green space landscape renovation, the grassland's green stage to achieve prolong, repair disease plaques, improvement the action such as landscape visual effects, and costs are lower than those of strengthen the maintenance and increase nutrition treatment. From the composition of the coloring agent, its use of the coloring ingredient is to the human body and the environment is low toxic, non-toxic. After spraying the colorant, it can prevent overgrowth of the lawn to a certain extent. And reports show, because generally is in qiu dong season was carried out on the lawn color processing, spraying colorants in plant body surface can form the protective film and lower moisture loss and the plant chlorophyll breakdown. If trace element or fertilizer ingredient is added in colorant, there is a certain nutritional effect on artificial lawn.

It can be seen that the colored grass is harmless to the human body and the environment, which is more like the green grass field than the uneven grass in the domestic part. Watching the ball, not only the ball, but also the overall vision.

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