Why Are Football Grounds Two Colors?

- Aug 19, 2018 -

As we all know, the football field must be rectangular, square, circle, triangle, trapezium and so on. The site can be natural or artificial, and the artificial site must be green. So do you know why the football field lawn is two colors? Today, by the Baibai safety net for you to answer questions.

According to Xiaobian understanding of the two colors of the football field lawn is mainly for the sake of beauty, television broadcasting pleasure, the linesman can see whether offside, due to the different direction of the mower driving, resulting in the grass leaves on both sides of the area toward the audience, resulting in visual color depth, the next Xiaobian to introduce you to the modern Rules of the football game:

The most common modern football match is the 11-system football, divided into two teams, each team of 11 people, players mainly kick the ball, but also can use the headball. The game is 90 minutes, with two minutes and 45 minutes. In case of injury, the referee may make up the time appropriately. It is better to shoot the ball into the opponent's goal. If the elimination game meets with a tie, can enter extra time, time 30 minutes, also divided into the second half, each 15 minutes. If it is still tied, it will be a penalty kick.

Football is very confrontational. In the competition, the players adopt various actions which are allowed by the rules, such as running, stopping, turning, falling, jumping, collision, etc., to compete fiercely with their opponents. The competition time is long, the audience is large, and the competition venues are large. The traditional football is composed of 20 hexagons (white) and 12 straight pentagons (black) with 32 skins. The balls used in football games are made of cowhide and rubber, which are smaller than basketball. Football matches are divided into 11 person system, 7 person system and 5 person system. Age groups include U15, U17, U19, Olympic group, adult group and youth group.

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