Why Does The Kindergarten Have Artificial Grass?

- Jan 26, 2018 -

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Why does the kindergarten have artificial grass?

The kindergarten is the place where children begin to come into contact with, and it is also the place where the children are willing to spread their wings, so we pay more attention to all the public facilities in the kindergarten.

As everyone knows, the artificial lawn has shaken the position of the natural lawn, so why did the kindergarten use the artificial lawn instead of the natural lawn? What are the advantages of artificial turf compared to the natural lawn?

1. The kindergarten's artificial turf protection is brief, the protection and maintenance costs are low, and the dirt can be removed by washing with water, and it has the characteristics of non-fading and non-deformation.

2. The artificial lawn of kindergarten can be installed on all kinds of root surfaces. The quality request of the root is not high, and it is not afraid of cracking, without the worry of bubbling and peeling, which is short and economical.

3. Environmental protection of artificial grass in kindergarten artificial turf, construction of products, shorter construction period, easy to handle quality, simple inspection, no need of too much professional knowledge.

4, the artificial lawn place high using rate, shock, with no noise, no smell, endowed with elasticity, flame retardant performance is good wait for a characteristic, very suitable for use in schools, is now a good activities, training and competition venues.

5. The artificial lawn sports site has a

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