how important of rubber granules and silica sand in artificial turf system

- Aug 29, 2017 -

Why should the artificial turf system contain rubber granule and silica sand?

Let’s learn about what roll it play on the system of artificial turf, for rubber granule

1. there will be very good surface elasticity and impact resistance for artificial turf systems in the sports field with rubber granules filling

2. it would effectively reduce damage while playing on the field that install with rubber granules and it’s more closer to the natural lawn

3. Rubber granules can give best grip for the athlete who put on spiked shoes

4. Rubber granules is more eco-friendly, and it can effectively reduce the harm to the environment and the athlete's body


Below are advantages of silica sand in artificial turf systems

1. With silica sand installation, it will be best stand stability for the artificial turf

2. Silica sand provide more moderate hardness, elasticity and sports performance for the artificial turf system, compared with rubber granules.

3. It ‘s super drainage performance of artificial turf with silica sand infilling

4. The moderate usage of silica sand would be more important, it can prevent the horizontal movement of artificial turf, therefore, we need pay more attention to how many of silica sand and rubber granules to be used while installation.

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