Why To Infill Rubber Particles Into Artificial Turf Sports Grounds

- Nov 24, 2017 -

Artificial turf sports grounds filled with rubber particles


First, because the sod is mainly made of polymer brushed, so the need to use quartz sand, or rubber particles to grass pressure and stabilize the turf, under normal circumstances, the lower will choose to use quartz sand , While the upper is the choice of rubber particles.

Second, the artificial turf does not have any soil, in the event of a collision or fall, then the body in the force will be relatively large, but also very prone to injury, if you add the right amount of highly elastic rubber particles , Which can effectively simulate the feeling of the soil and prevent injuries in the event of a collision between the body and the site.

Third, the artificial turf will be much smoother than the real turf on the surface, especially when it is raining. Adding an appropriate amount of rubber particles at this time will provide a great deal of friction and will make effective use of the artificial turf Enhance.

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