• Fake Grass For Patio

    Fake Grass For Patio

    Whether it’s too labor intensive to maintain a stunning yard or just impossible to get natural grass to grow, installing fake grass for patio with ProGreen products ensures you will have...

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  • Artificial Grass Company

    Artificial Grass Company

    Often synthetic turf is promoted as environmentally friendly because homeowners do not have water, fertilize or mow their lawns any more, reducing emissions by no longer being dependent on...

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  • Home Putting Green

    Home Putting Green

    If you want to practice your swing, you will need to have this home putting green to enhance your golfing experience. This is constructed especially as a tee off grass to hit your wedges through...

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  • Artificial Grass Estimate

    Artificial Grass Estimate

    Artificial grass estimate has become a popular choice for schools in recent years. Made up of a series of synthetic fibres that resemble natural grass, there are many good reasons why schools and...

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  • Fake Grass Rug

    Fake Grass Rug

    Tailored fake grass rug with multiple size and more color available, portable synthetic turf for indoor or outdoor decoration 7mm to 15mm pile height option, economic price but with more...

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  • Plastic Turf Grass

    Plastic Turf Grass

    FIFA Standard noninfill football artificial grass, this plastic turf grass in 33mm pile height with special tenology,extra high density/73500density in good quality for professional football...

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  • Plastic Hedges

    Plastic Hedges

    Artificial Ivy Hedges Fencing Screening are easy to install and decoration a beautiful wall.

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  • Artificial Turf For Residential Use

    Artificial Turf For Residential Use

    Artificial turf for residential use is UV stabilized to protect against color fading. Unlike natural turf that will have to deal with diseases, drought and dormancy, artificial grass has the...

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  • Boxwood Hedge Wall

    Boxwood Hedge Wall

    If you like to add greenery to indoor living spaces, hotel lobbies, bar and events decor, we have fire retardant boxwood hedge wall and green walls which are fully compliant with all fire safety...

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  • Artificial Grass Offers

    Artificial Grass Offers

    Synthetic Grass is the ideal solution for people who would like a beautiful green garden but who do not want to have to work in it. Artificial grass offers no need to weed, mow or water this grass.

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  • Artificial Hedge Roll

    Artificial Hedge Roll

    Artificial hedge roll products have been specially engineered to perform in rain or shine, designed to be UV stable and weather resistant.

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  • Artificial Grass Products

    Artificial Grass Products

    Outdoor turf synthetic grass will give you many years of pleasure. It does not discoloured as a result of sunlight. What’s more, the environment has also been taken into account, because our grass...

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