• Fake Hedge Wall

    Fake Hedge Wall

    Our JS maintenance free variety of fake hedge wall and green walls, they require a basic wash down with soapy water twice a year, or fiber-duster to dust off the dirt if indoors.

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  • Intensify Turf Rolls

    Intensify Turf Rolls

    Intensify Turf Rolls can be installed very easy. After the installation you enjoy a beautiful green garden. Your synthetic grass obviously needs no water. It is artificial grass and retains its...

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  • Imitation Grass Lawns

    Imitation Grass Lawns

    Good designed fashion shape more durable U shape imitation grass lawns football grass in 50mm 16stitches,

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  • Affordable Artificial Grass

    Affordable Artificial Grass

    Now some people love doing the garden, but for others there’s artificial garden carpet. Low Low maintenance, looks great all year round allowing you to get the very best of your garden.

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  • Elevate Golf Turf Rolls

    Elevate Golf Turf Rolls

    Our JS artificial grass take putting greens very seriously, as the surface and the quality of the turf makes a huge difference in the state of play when practicing your putting stroke.

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  • Artificial Synthetic Grass

    Artificial Synthetic Grass

    the newest addition of residential artificial synthetic grass on the market,40mm pile height, 18900density, U shape very best resilience and silk feeling touch, this artificial synthetic grass is...

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  • Artificial Green Wall

    Artificial Green Wall

    All our artificial green wall are designed to withstand all the outdoor elements. The composition of our hedges are all durable, robust and fully UV stable to prevent and fading or discolour.

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  • Boxwood Hedge

    Boxwood Hedge

    boxwood hedges is UV-resistant to protect against fading, do not need watering or trimming, and can be made to exactly fit your requirements, both lengthwise and height, so as not to block any light.

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  • Faux Boxwood Hedge

    Faux Boxwood Hedge

    Compared to real greeneries, our faux boxwood hedge require little to no maintenance. You won’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning dead, fallen leaves.

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  • Garden Artificial Turf

    Garden Artificial Turf

    Your garden artificial turf stays green all year long. Even in the shade, under steps, under vertical supports or under trees, this grass will retain its beautiful green colour.

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  • Artificial Turf Putting Green

    Artificial Turf Putting Green

    Artificial turf putting green provides a premium quality putting surface, ideal for both commercial and domestic use, but it's also perfect for landscape and play ground for kids or pet. The yarn,...

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  • Artificial Putting Green Grass

    Artificial Putting Green Grass

    Best rated artificial putting grass for Golf with PE material, professinally design with extra high dense and PU backing, suitable for all golf putting green, have a good life with good...

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