• Artificial Lawn Company

    Artificial Lawn Company

    JS artificial grass company engaged in this industry for nearly ten years. JS artificial grass company's main product include landscaping grass and all kinds of sports grass.

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  • Residential Artificial Turf

    Residential Artificial Turf

    Artificial lawns are self-cleaning after it rains, which leaves both pets and owners to enjoy a clean and a lovely green looking garden.

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  • Fake Grass For Yards

    Fake Grass For Yards

    We specialise in rejuvenating tired lawns and patios into beautiful gardens perfect for the whole family. There is a fantastic range of fake grass for yards which are non-toxic, fast draining and...

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  • Artificial Turf For Sports Tournaments

    Artificial Turf For Sports Tournaments

    All year round Artificial Turf For Sports Tournaments is a simple and cheap way to create the appearance of a natural looking lawn without the need for regular maintenance. By installing a...

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  • Synthetic Turf Tiles

    Synthetic Turf Tiles

    By using synthetic grass you instantly eliminate these problems and the grass itself is known to be a safe option for dogs and other pets. The durability and hard wearing nature of artificial...

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  • Pet Friendly Turf

    Pet Friendly Turf

    Pets are becoming more popular around the world, and she is very polite and flattering. But some bad habits of pets still plague many owners. For example, pets like to use their claws to plan...

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  • Artificial Turf Rolls

    Artificial Turf Rolls

    A key difference with our products is they have Ultra Violet (UV) stabilizers added when they are manufactured to protect them against the heat of the sun and UV light, which keeps the plastic...

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  • Playground Turf

    Playground Turf

    We are firm believers in the fact that the only limitations on the uses of artificial grass are the ones that we place on it ourselves. This handy, versatile material can be applied in a countless...

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  • False Grass

    False Grass

    There is really only 2 differences between our grass and real, authentic grass. 1. It won’t grow and 2. It won’t die. This will enable you, your family and your pets to enjoy the benefits of...

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  • Best Artificial Grass

    Best Artificial Grass

    We have a wide range of artificial grasses which are perfect for domestic and residential use. Whether you are looking for an immaculate ornamental lawn or a low-maintenance, hassle-free...

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  • Artificial Grass For Landscapes

    Artificial Grass For Landscapes

    Artificial grass for landscapes suitability: Lawns Balconies & roof gardens Flat roofs Traffic Islands Play areas Leisure, domestic and commercial Cats and Dogs

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  • Indoor Turf

    Indoor Turf

    Unique ‘Soft Touch’ natural looking indoor turf Lawns tailored to any shape, including slopes. Colour fastness rating of 7 so keeps its great look High drain rates (60 litre/min/m2) Free of...

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